A Model Predictive Repetitive Process Control Formulation for Additive Manufacturing Processes


Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes are a class of manufacturing processes in which parts are fabricated in a layer-by-layer fashion. The layer-by-layer fabrication method creates layer-to-layer dynamics. Implementing process control that neglects the layer-to-layer dynamics can lead to process instability. While repetitive process controllers which utilize only layer-to-layer feedback are a viable method, their usefulness is limited in that they are not well-suited for tracking non-periodic layer-domain references. However, since the entire reference signal is typically known a priori in AM process fabrications, a predictive control methodology can be useful for controlling fabrications in which the reference signal is non-periodic. In this paper a model predictive control formulation is extended to two-dimensions and utilized for repetitive process control Simulation results comparing open-loop and controlled fabrications for a Laser Metal Deposition process are given.

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ASME 2015 Dynamic Systems and Control Conference, DSCC2015 (2015: Oct. 28-30, Columbus, OH)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


This work is supported financially by both the NationalScience Foundation (CMMI1301414), and the US Departmentof Education through a GAANN Fellowship (P200A120062).

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3D printers; Dynamics; Energy harvesting; Fabrication; Fuel storage; Human robot interaction; Intelligent robots; Intelligent systems; Manufacture; Model predictive control; Robots; Signal processing; Wind power; Additive manufacturing process; Control simulation; Laser metal deposition; Layer-by-layer fabrication; Manufacturing process; Predictive control; Process instabilities; Repetitive process; Process control

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01 Oct 2015