Laser Metal Deposition LMD is a hybrid manufacturing process consist of a laser deposition system combined with a 5-axis CNC milling system. During laser deposition many parameters and their interaction affect the dimensional accuracy of the part produced, powder flow rate, laser power and travel speed are some of these parameters. Sensing the acoustic emission during milling marching gives feedback information regarding depth of metal being cut subsequent part dimensions, if an error in dimensions is found certain actions, such as remaching, close loop control, or laser remelting can be carried out to correct it. Thus a reliable hybrid manufacturing management system requires that a depth-of-cut detection system be integrated with the milling machine architecture. This work establishes, first a methodology to detect an acoustic emission signal, so that the acoustic emission characteristics of the milling could be analyzed. Second, it sought to relate these acoustic data to machining parameters to detect depth-of-cut.

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26th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium -- An Additive Manufacturing Conference, SFF 2015 (2015: Aug. 10-12, Austin, TX)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Depth Of Cut Detection; Acoustic Emission; Artificial Neural Network

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Article - Conference proceedings

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12 Aug 2015

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