The Gaussian Mixture Consider Kalman Filter


The consider Kalman filter, or Schmidt-Kalman filter, is a tool developed by S.F. Schmidt at NASA Ames in the 1960s to account for uncertain parameters or biases within the system and observational models of a tracking algorithm. Its novelty is in that it "considers" the effects of the uncertain parameters rather than other Kalman-filter-based approaches, which instead estimate these parameters directly. Avoiding this online estimation of parameters allows, in many cases, for a more computationally feasible algorithm to be acquired, making it amenable to real-time applications. The consider Kalman filter, however, is an approach that works solely with the mean and covariance of the posterior distribution. In many problems, mean and covariance are often insufficient statistical descriptions of the filtering state. This work presents a consider formulation that works with a Gaussian sum approximation of the true distribution, permitting the Gaussian mixture consider Kalman filter and enabling an operator to maintain a more complete description of the true posterior state density while still working within a consider framework.

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26th AAS/AIAA Space Flight Mechanics Meeting (2016: Feb. 14-18, Napa, CA)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Bandpass filters; Gaussian distribution; Kalman filters; NASA; Space flight; Uncertainty analysis; Feasible algorithms; Gaussian sum approximation; Observational models; Posterior distributions; Real-time application; Statistical descriptions; Tracking algorithm; Uncertain parameters; Parameter estimation

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01 Feb 2016

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