Combining the principles of dynamic inversion and optimization theory, a new approach is presented for stable control of a class of one-dimensional nonlinear distributed parameter systems, assuming the availability a continuous actuator in the spatial domain. Unlike the existing approximate-then-design and design-then-approximate techniques, here there is no need of any approximation either of the system dynamics or of the resulting controller. Rather, the control synthesis approach is fairly straight-forward and simple. The controller formulation has more elegance because we can prove the convergence of the controller to its steady state value. To demonstrate the potential of the proposed technique, a real-life temperature control problem for a heat transfer application is solved. It has been demonstrated that a desired temperature profile can be achieved starting from any arbitrary initial temperature profile.

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2006 American Control Conference


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Approximate-Then-Design Technique; Control Synthesis; Control System Synthesis; Design-Then-Approximate Technique; Distributed Parameter Systems; Nonlinear Control Systems; Nonlinear Distributed Parameter Systems; Optimal Control; Optimal Dynamic Inversion; Optimization; Stability

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 2006