We have evaluated lanthanum strontium cobalt oxide (La0.50Sr0.50CoOx; LSCO 50/50) as a candidate “transparent” electrode for use in an electrostatic shutter-based infrared sensor protection device. The device requires that the electrode be transparent (80% transmission) and have moderate sheet resistance (300 - 500 Ω/sq.). To meet these needs, the effects of postdeposition annealing on the resistivity and optical absorption characteristics of sputter deposited LSCO thin films were studied. The as-deposited films were characterized by an absorption coefficient of ~ 12,500 cm-1 and resistivities of ~ 0.08 to 0.5 Ω-cm. With annealing at 800°C, the resistivity decreased to 350 μΩ-cm, while the absorption coefficient increased to ~ 155,000 cm-1. By using a post-deposition annealing step at 800°C and controlling film thickness, it appears that a standard LSCO 50/50 material may possess the requisite conductivity and optical transmission properties for this sensor protection device.


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United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
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01 Jan 2000