Development of a Liquid Jet under Gravity


In proposing a theory for the development of a liquid jet under gravity, the jet surface was considered as a highly deformable elastic film, and the equations of the large elastic deformation theory of axisymmetric membranes were used in the investigation. The problem was formulated in terms of the pressure prescribed at the tip of a liquid column with a varying hydrostatic pressure. The governing equations were derived in the forms of a second order, nonlinear, ordinary, differential equation and a Volterra type integral equation and were solved numerically on a digital computer. The solution indicates the formation of a single liquid drop, at a low pressure, which transcends with increasing pressures into a jet having alternate contractions and expansions in its cross section. Increases in pressure produce narrow cross sections, and when the vertical component of the surface tension and intramolecular attraction can no longer support the liquid below a cross section, the jet begins to decay.

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Midwest Mech Conf, 13th (August 1973, Pittsburgh, PA, USA)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Aug 1973

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