Two-Dimensional Isotropic Scattering in a Semi-Infinite Cylindrical Medium with Refractive Index Greater Than Unity


Beginning with the solution for a medium with a refractive index of unity, results are presented for the back-scattered intensity and flux from a two-dimensional, semi-infinite, isotropic scattering medium with a refractive index greater than unity. The incident radiation is assumed to be collimated and normal to the surface of the medium. For a cosine varying boundary condition, the back-scattering intensity is expressed as a linear integral equation involving Fresnel reflection at the boundary and the reflection function for a medium with a refractive index of unity. For other boundary conditions, the solution can be obtained by superposition of the cosine varying case. Numerical results are tabulated and plotted for a cosine varying boundary condition and for a Gaussian laser beam. The influence of Fresnel reflection is discussed for a medium with a refractive index of 4 3. Multiple scattering results are compared to the single and double scattering approximations. The behavior at large optical distances from the incident beam is also discussed. Scaling factors are proposed to reduce the computation effort. © 1993.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 1993