Robust Design Optimization under Mixed Uncertainties with Stochastic Expansions


Azarm, Shapour


The objective of this paper is to introduce a computationally efficient and accurate approach for robust optimization under mixed (aleatory and epistemic) uncertainties using stochastic expansions that are based on nonintrusive polynomial chaos (NIPC) method. This approach utilizes stochastic response surfaces obtained with NIPC methods to approximate the objective function and the constraints in the optimization formulation. The objective function includes a weighted sum of the stochastic measures, which are minimized simultaneously to ensure the robustness of the final design to both inherent and epistemic uncertainties. The optimization approach is demonstrated on two model problems with mixed uncertainties: (1) the robust design optimization of a slider-crank mechanism and (2) robust design optimization of a beam. The stochastic expansions are created with two different NIPC methods, Point-Collocation and Quadrature-Based NIPC. The optimization results are compared to the results of another robust optimization technique that utilizes double-loop Monte Carlo sampling (MCS) for the propagation of mixed uncertainties. The optimum designs obtained with two different optimization approaches agree well in both model problems; however, the number of function evaluations required for the stochastic expansion based approach is much less than the number required by the Monte Carlo based approach, indicating the computational efficiency of the optimization technique introduced.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 2013