Remote Use of a Linear Axis Rapid Development System


A Linear Axis Rapid Development System (RDS) was developed and tested in a previous research study. The Linear Axis RDS, which is based on Matlab Simulink, provides the student with a tool to explore all phases of controller development (i.e., simulation, emulation, and implementation) after the theoretical work is complete. However, the Linear Axis RDS did not provide the students with the ability to explore the linear axis dynamic model. In this paper, the previously developed Linear Axis RDS is augmented such that the student can model the linear axis dynamics and analyze their model. The student encodes their linear axis dynamic model as a subsystem in Matlab Simulink. The subsystem inputs and outputs, along with their engineering units, are carefully specified. The student then utilizes the Linear Axis RDS to analyze the dynamic model. The Linear Axis RDS has two modes: simulation and implementation. In the simulation mode the student simulates a linear axis system dynamic response for a variety of command voltages signals. The student can specify the magnitude and frequency of square, triangle, and sinusoidal command voltage signals, or they can create their own command voltage signal. In this mode the student can check their linear dynamic model for obvious errors (e.g., it is unstable). In the implementation mode, command voltage signals are simultaneously sent to the Matlab Simulink model and the real linear axis system. Simulation and experimental data are gathered and compared. This paper describes the modifications made to the Linear Axis RDS such that students can perform dynamic modeling and analysis of the linear axis. The results of an initial usability study are presented and analyzed. The Linear Axis RDS is then implemented remotely in an actuators course being taken by students in a Mechatronics program in the university ESIGELEC in Rouen, France.

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2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition (2010: Jun. 20-23, Louisville, KY)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Controller Development; Dynamic Modeling; Engineering Unit; Experimental Data; Linear Dynamic Model; Matlab Simulink Models; Matlab-Simulink; Rapid Development System; Research Studies; Usability Studies; Voltage Signals

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Article - Conference proceedings

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23 Jun 2010

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