Inertia Effects on Non-Parallel Thermal Instability of Natural Convection Flow Over Horizontal and Inclined Plates in Porous Media


The inertia effect on the onset of thermal instability in natural convection flow over heated horizontal and inclined flat plates embedded in fluid-saturated porous media is analyzed. The linear non-parallel flow model is employed in the instability analysis, which takes into account the streamwise variation as well as the transverse variation of the disturbance amplitude functions. The set of partial differential equations for the disturbance amplitude functions are converted to a system of homogeneous linear ordinary differential equations with homogeneous boundary conditions by the local non-similarity method. The resulting eigenvalue problem is then solved by an implicit finite-difference method. Representative neutral stability curves and critical Rayleigh numbers are presented. It has been found that as the angle of inclination relative to the horizontal increases, the surface heat transfer rate increases, whereas the flow becomes more stable to the vortex mode of instability. Also, as the inertia effect, expressed in terms of Forchheimer number, Fr, increases, the heat transfer rate decreases, but the flow becomes more stable. It is demonstrated that the non-parallel flow model predicts a more stable flow than the parallel flow model.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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01 Jan 2002