Enhancement of Buckling Loads of Laminated Plates Using Piezoelectric Devices


A finite element model is developed for the active buckling control of laminated composite plates using piezoelectric materials. The finite element model is based on the shear deformation plate theory in conjunction with linear piezoelectric theory. The piezoelectric sensors and actuators can be surface bonded or embedded and can be either continuous or segmented. The model does not introduce voltage as an additional degree of freedom and takes into account the mass and stiffness of the piezoelectric patches. The dynamic buckling behavior of the laminated plate subjected to a linearly-increasing uniaxial compressive load is investigated. The sensor output is used to determine the input to the actuator using a proportional control algorithm. The forces induced by the piezoelectric actuators under the applied voltage fields enhance the critical buckling load. Finite element solutions are presented for composite plates with clamped boundary conditions and the effectiveness of piezoelectric materials in enhancing the buckling loads is demonstrated.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Composite Materials; Structures; Applied Mechanics

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1993

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