Capturing Interactions in Design Preferences: A Colorful Study


Many engineering and marketing tools exist to help a designer optimize quantitative attributes of a product, such as height, weight, volume, or cost. However, these methods cannot effectively take into consideration attributes for which there is a significant interaction between the product attributes with respect to the consumer's preference, such as aesthetics. This research has begun the work of developing this necessary functional relationship for product attribute interactions and has created a methodology for further research. To accomplish this, this study considered consumer preference for product colors. Colors were represented by their red, green, and blue light components, and preference information for each of these attributes was gathered by presenting individuals with a small sample of colors, applied to backpacks, in a short choice survey.

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18th International Conference on Engineering Design -- Impacting Society Through Engineering Design, ICED11 (2011: Aug. 15-18, Copenhagen, Denmark)


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Aesthetic Design; Blue Light; Consumer Preferences; Functional Relationship; Marketing Tools; Preference Information; Preference Modeling; Product Attributes; Product Color; Quantitative Attributes; Small Samples; Utility Functions

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Article - Conference proceedings

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18 Aug 2011

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