Continuum Damage Mechanics Modeling of the Failure of Refractory Cup under Thermal Loading and Chemical Shrinkage


Refractories are widely used in the glass-making, steel-making and energy-production industries in which they are subjected to significant thermal loading and chemical attack. As brittle material, refractory failure under thermal loading and chemical attack is usually caused by the formation of micro-cracks. Continumm damage mechanics (CDM) based model has been attempted previously to reflect the influence of the micro-crack formation on the failure of a refractory cup experiencing thermal and chemical expansion. Chemical reaction was found to be the dominant factor of the failure of the refractory cup. In order to further understand the effect of the chemical reaction, a CDM based model is developed to simulate the failure behavior of a refractory cup with shrinkage due to the chemical reaction. This work would help understanding the failure behavior of refractories exposed to high temperature and corrosive environments, therefore helping in the development and application of refractories.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Chemical Shrink; Models

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01 Jan 2006