Freeform Object Design and Simultaneous Manufacturing


Pan, Zhigeng and Shi, Jiaoying


Today's product design, especially the consuming product design, focuses more and more on individuation, originality, and the time to market. One way to meet these challenges is using the interactive and creationary product design methods and rapid prototyping/rapid tooling. This paper presents a novel Freeform Object Design and Simultaneous Manufacturing (FODSM) method that combines the natural interaction feature in the design phase and simultaneous manufacturing feature in the prototyping phase. The natural interactive three-dimensional design environment is achieved by adopting virtual reality technology. The geometry of the designed object is defined through the process of "virtual sculpting" during which the designer can touch and visualize the designed object and can hear the virtual manufacturing environment noise. During the designing process, the computer records the sculpting trajectories and automatically translates them into NC codes so as to simultaneously machine the designed part. The paper introduced the principle, implementation process, and key techniques of the new method, and compared it with other popular rapid prototyping methods.

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Third International Conference on Virtual Reality and its Applications in Industry


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Manufacturing; Product Engineering; Rapid Manufacturing; Virtual Reality; Prototyping; Computing Systems

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Article - Conference proceedings

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Publication Date

01 Jan 2002