Two-Liquid Slag Mixing Experimental Technique for Studying the Oxidative Pre-Fuming Treatment of Lead Blast Furnace Slag


An experimental technique has been devised for studying the reaction kinetics of the reactions: ZnO + 2FeO = Zn(g) + Fe2O3, by which zinc evolution can occur from a molten slag bath in the absence of a carbonaceous reductant. When studying the reaction kinetics by heating from room temperature, solid state reactions and poorly defined melting points may obscure the starting point of the reaction. In order to eliminate this problem, an experimental technique was devised whereby two molten slags could be melted independently, and then mixed, to provide a well defined starting point from which to begin taking measurements. Two crucibles were mounted in a vertical reaction cylinder. The upper, mild steel, crucible had a bottom pouring plug which was sealed by a steel stopper rod. A fayalite mixture was contained in this crucible. The lower crucible contained an Al2O3-CaO-SiO2-ZnO solution. Once the two slags had been melted, the steel stopper rod was removed from the upper crucible. The upper, reduced slag (fayalite in equilibrium with the upper steel crucible), drained into the lower crucible where the two slags were mixed by submerged argon stirring. Dip samples were taken to measure the zinc content of the final mixture as a function of time. The experimental procedure will be described, as well as results of experiments which were conducted on synthetic slags. The system investigated was similar to the lead blast furnace slag which is produced by the primary lead smelters of Missouri, USA.

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1997 TMS Annual Meeting (1997: Feb. 10-13, Orlando, FL)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Heating; Iron compounds; Lead ore treatment; Liquid metals; Melting; Mixing; Reaction kinetics; Zinc oxide; Carbonaceous reductant; Lead blast furnace slag; Molten slags; Oxidative pre fuming treatment; Two liquid slag mixing

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01 Feb 1997

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