Metal Seed Activation of TiSiN Diffusion Barrier Layers for Electrochemical Copper Deposition


A spontaneous electrochemical process conducted in organic solutions was successfully used to deposit palladium particles onto patterned and blank TiSiN diffusion barrier films on SiO 2/Si wafers. This process provides a seed layer for subsequent electroless and electrolytic copper deposition. the unique, patented aspect of the approach lies in the use of high resistance, standard organic solutions commonly used in the solvent extraction industry. Localized electron transfer reactions occur between less electrochemically noble solid metal substrates and more electrochemically noble metal ions dissolved in the organic media. after seeding with Pd, a continuous, adherent, and conformal copper film can be deposited on the TiSiN barrier layers using standard, aqueous electroless copper plating processes. Electrolytic copper deposition was then conducted using Enthone ViaForm® damascene copper chemistry. Results indicated that the approach was capable of filling features as small as 250 nm with continuous, void-free copper. © 2004 Materials Research Society.


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01 Dec 2003

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