Finite Element Simulation of Plane-Strain Thick Plate Bending of Friction-Stir Processed 2519 Aluminum


Friction stir processing (FSP) is used to modify surface microstructures to enhance bending of thick plate 2519-T8 aluminum. Plate, 25.4 mm thick and 50.8 mm wide, is friction stir processed across the pre-tensile surface to a depth of 6.3 mm. the plate is then bent at room temperature over a punch with radius 38.1 mm into a v-shaped die to progressively greater angles. Parent metal bending results are compared to material with the surface microstructure modified by FSP. These results are also compared to results from a finite element analysis, where the mesh of the plate is divided into two zones: one zone for the unprocessed parent material and another zone for the processed material. the purpose of this initial study is demonstrate the enhanced formability associated with FSP and to validate the model predictions of plastic strain for a given bend angle.


Materials Science and Engineering

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21 Jul 2003

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