An Alternative Metallic Seeding Technique for Subsequent Electrochemical Deposition of Copper Onto Barrier Metals


The deposition of electrolytic and electroless copper integrated circuit interconnects uses a copper seed layer on the underlying barrier metal. Deposition of the seed layer prior to electrochemical copper deposition is typically done by physical or chemical vapor deposition. A novel, alternative method for electrochemically depositing metal films from organic solutions based on displacement plating process principles has been shown to be feasible. The seed layer allows subsequent copper deposition from standard aqueous solutions. Adherent, selected area deposition of copper and palladium seed layers from organic solutions was accomplished on sputter deposited Ti(N) and Ta(N) films. It was demonstrated that copper and palladium depositions from organic solutions were compatible with subsequent electrolytic and electroless copper deposition from standard electroplating baths. After a description of the concept and underlying principles in electrochemical deposition of metals from organic solutions, results and characterization from seeding unpatterned and patterned Ti(N) and Ta(N) films with organic solution deposited copper and palladium and then aqueous electrochemical copper deposition will be presented.


Materials Science and Engineering

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01 Dec 2000

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