Learning-style, Oriented Web-Based Support Modules for K-12 Education


Recognition of the importance of learning styles in math and science education holds the promise of improving education delivery in grades K-12. It is felt that teachers and students in K-6 are at the greatest disadvantage in having learning-style oriented lesson presentations, due in part, to the general absence of math and science specialists in these grades. Because classroom instruction may now be linked to unlimited virtual resources through ready connection to the worldwide web, the potential exists to bring extensive math and science expertise to the support of teachers and students in math and science education. To begin to realize this potential we are developing web-based teaching science concept modules for students and teachers alike, which are oriented to the four most widely recognized learning styles of students. Developing modules will be systematically keyed to existing, public school lesson plans, therein serving as reference sources for teachers and follow-up sites for students with web access. Self-paced, follow-up learning can take place according to the student's learning style preference. The resources will be continuously expanded through ongoing, age-targeted, learning-style, oriented submissions, both invited and volunteered by educators at large.


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01 Dec 2000

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