Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe2O5-P2O5Na2O Glasses. Part 1. Oxygen Heat Treatment


The partial crystallisation and magnetic behaviour of 43-3Fe2O3-52-7P2O5-4-0Na 2O wt% glass made into frit, fibres and beads have been investigated before and after heat treatment. The Mössbauer spectra indicated that 90% of the iron was present as iron(III) in the glass frit and fibres while the glass beads contained 50 to 70% iron(II) ions. When the glass frit or fibres were heated in oxygen, the iron(II) ions originally present, were oxidised to iron(III) ions and an amount of FePO4 crystallised from the glass. The Mössbauer spectrum of untreated glass beads contained a magnetic component attributed to crystalline magnetite, Fe3O4. Hematite, Fe2O3, was the main crystalline phase present in the glass beads after heating in oxygen. The exact crystalline phase present in the beads depended upon the relative amounts of iron(II) and iron (III) present during the crystallisation process. The magnetically ordered component in the Mössbauer spectra is attributed to magnetite and hematite in the untreated and oxygen heat treated glass beads, respectively.


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01 Dec 1996

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