Organic additives are required for alkaline zincate plating baths to obtain an acceptable coating on steel for corrosion protection. The effects and possible interactions of three commercial additives (Eldiem Carrier, Eldiem Booster, and Bright Enhancer 2x on zinc electrodeposition from a high-concentration alkaline zincate bath were investigated. Visually acceptable deposits were produced within the current density range of 130 to 430 A m-2 for most additive conditions examined. Over concentration ranges examined, decreasing the booster concentration led to brighter zinc deposits, and an interaction between the carrier and the booster was detected. The additives fostered the formation of compact and adherent coatings as illustrated by scanning electron microscopy. Throwing power and current efficiency were not impacted by the additives over the concentration ranges examined. Linear sweep voltammetry proved that the additives increased the overpotential for zinc deposition. The additive combination that produced the brightest deposit also demonstrated the strongest adsorption of additives in linear sweep voltammetry.


Materials Science and Engineering


This research was funded by a public corporation who wishes to remain anonymous.

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Additives; Alkaline Zincate; Bright Deposits; Electrogalvanization; Hull Cell

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03 Apr 2022

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