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Professor Lisa Klein stepped down as Editor of the Journal of the American Ceramic Society as of December 31, 2019. Lisa has been an editor since 1998, serving more than 20 years in that position. In addition to her great service to the Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Lisa continues to be a groundbreaking educator and researcher with many notable accomplishments. Among her noteworthy accomplishments, Lisa is widely known for her expertise in sol-gel processing of ceramics and glasses as well as her research on electrode materials, hybrid inorganic-organic glasses, and phosphate glasses. Her first paper published in JACerS was in 1972 and dealt with the thermal history of lunar glass. Her most recent paper in JACerS was in 2015 on hybrid sol‐gel glasses. In addition to her publications, Lisa was editor through the time when JACerS had either three or four editors. In that time, JACerS experienced tremendous growth in the number of manuscripts that were submitted, which resulted in a large increase in the workload of the editors. More recently, she successfully made the transition to the new system with a larger editorial board and she provided valuable input and advice on a number of issues as I took on the role of Editor-in-Chief. Thank you Lisa for all of your contributions to JACerS and best wishes for the future.


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