Examination of Austenite Solidification and Spheroidal Graphite Growth in Ni-Fe-C Alloys


The austenite phase and the spheroidal graphite in a Ni-Fe-C alloy at various solidification stages were captured by quenching experiments using spherical ceramic shell molds with inserted thermocouples. Multiple graphite nodules/spheroidal graphite particles inside an eutectic cell were observed using optical microscopy. Individual eutectic cells were differentiated by an intermetallic phase occurring within the interdendritic regions. Electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD) and orientation image mapping (OIM) analyses were performed to investigate the crystallographic orientation and the grain boundary distribution of the austenite grains surrounding individual spheroidal graphite particles. The austenite engulfment process around the spheroidal graphite was revealed by EBSD/OIM analyses. Examination of the graphite nodules extracted by deep etching experiments revealed three stages of growth for the spheroidal graphite particles.

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Advances in the Science and Engineering of Casting Solidification: An MPMD Symposium Honoring Doru Michael Stefanescu - TMS 144th Annual Meeting and Exhibition (2015: Mar. 15-19, Orlando, FL)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Austenite engulfment; Deep etching; EBSD; Multi-nodular eutectic cell; Quenching experiment; Spheroidal graphite; Staged graphite growth; Eutectics; Grain boundaries; Graphite; Nickel; Thermocouples

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01 Mar 2015