Crystallization of La₂O₃-B₂O₃ Glasses Containing Al₂O₃ or Y₂O₃


The crystallization kinetics of 25 La2O3 multiplied by (times) x Al2O3 multiplied by (times) (75 minus x) B2O3 and (25 minus x) La2O3 multiplied by (times) x Y2O3 multiplied by (times) 75 B2O3, mol% glasses with x equals 0 to 5 have been investigated using nonisothermal conditions. An earlier study showed that Al2O3 acts as a network former and Y2O3 as a modifier in these glasses. The effect of composition on the overall activation energy, E, and the frequency factor, +84,has been studied maintaining the glass former to modifier ratio at 3:1. E and nu decrease with increasing concentration of Al2O3, whereas these parameters first decrease, go through a minimum, then increase with increasing Y2O3. The effect of heating rate and annealing on the kinetic parameters is explained on the basis of a crystallization mechanism.

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XIV International Congress on Glass (1986: New Delhi, India)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Alumina; Chemical Reactions - Reaction Kinetics; Glass Manufacture - Annealing; Heat Treatment - Annealing; Activation Energy; Frequency Factor; Heating Rate; Lanthanum Borate Glass; Modifiers; Network Formers; Glass

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Article - Conference proceedings

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01 Jan 1986

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