A Phase Field Model for Stress Induced Martensitic Phase Transformation in Zirconia


In this work, we present a phase field model to understand how applied stresses can trigger the tetragonal to monoclinic (T→M) phase transformation in zirconium oxide at temperatures higher than Ms (martensitic transformation start temperature during cooling). We consider the effect of stress on T→M transformation by applying the stresses explicitly on the computational domain by adding them as boundary conditions in the mechanical equilibrium equations. Different loadings effect on stress induced T→M phase transformation was studied and it was shown that regardless of stress loading direction, monoclinic twinning plane would be (100)m. Results also showed that the external stress increased the production of those variants whose transformation strains were aligned with the applied stress direction.

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Materials Science and Technology Conference and Exhibition (2013: Oct. 27-31, Montreal, QC, Canada)


Materials Science and Engineering

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Computational domains; Effect of stress; External stress; Martensitic phase transformations; Mechanical equilibrium; Phase field models; Start temperature; Transformation strain; Exhibitions; Martensitic transformations; Materials science; Mathematical models; Phase interfaces; Zirconia; Stresses

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01 Oct 2014

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