Mathematics and Statistics Masters Theses



Theses from 2020


Decoupled finite element methods for general steady two-dimensional Boussinesq equations, Lioba Boveleth


The application of machine learning models in the concussion diagnosis process, Sujit Subhash

Theses from 2019


Less is more: Beating the market with recurrent reinforcement learning, Louis Kurt Bernhard Steinmeister

Theses from 2018


Models for high dimensional spatially correlated risks and application to thunderstorm loss data in Texas, Tobias Merk


An investigation of the influence of the 2007-2009 recession on the day of the week effect for the S&P 500 and its sectors, Marcel Alwin Trick

Theses from 2017


The pantograph equation in quantum calculus, Thomas Griebel


A review of random matrix theory with an application to biological data, Jesse Aaron Marks


Family-based association studies of autism in boys via facial-feature clusters, Luke Andrew Settles

Theses from 2016


Pricing of geometric Asian options in general affine stochastic volatility models, Johannes Ruppert


On the double chain ladder for reserve estimation with bootstrap applications, Larissa Schoepf

Theses from 2015


Some combinatorial applications of Sage, an open source program, Jessica Ruth Chowning


Day of the week effect in returns and volatility of the S&P 500 sector indices, Juan Liu


Application of loglinear models to claims triangle runoff data, Netanya Lee Martin

Theses from 2014


Adaptive wavelet discretization of tensor products in H-Tucker format, Mazen Ali


An iterative algorithm for variational data assimilation problems, Xin Shen

Theses from 2013


Statistical analysis of microarray data in sleep deprivation, Stephanie Marie Berhorst


Immersed finite element method for interface problems with algebraic multigrid solver, Wenqiang Feng

Theses from 2012


Abel dynamic equations of the first and second kind, Sabrina Heike Streipert


Lattice residuability, Philip Theodore Thiem

Theses from 2011


A time series approach to electric load modelling, Matthias Benjamin Noller

Theses from 2010


Closed-form solutions to discrete-time portfolio optimization problems, Mathias Christian Goeggel


Inverse limits with upper semi-continuous set valued bonding functions: an example, Christopher David Jacobsen

Theses from 2009


The analogue of the iterated logarithm for quantum difference equations, Karl Friedrich Ulrich

Theses from 2008

Modeling particulate matter emissions indices at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Lu Gan

The dynamic multiplier-accelerator model in economics, Julius Severi Heim

Dynamic equations with piecewise continuous argument, Christian Keller

Theses from 2007

Ostrowski and Grüss inequalities on time scales, Thomas Matthews

The Black-Scholes equation in quantum calculus, Christian Müttel


Computerized proofs of hypergeometric identities: Methods, advances, and limitations, Paul Nathaniel Runnion

Screening for noise variables, Lisa Trautwein

Theses from 2006

Distance function applications of object comparison in artificial vision systems, Christina Michelle Ayres

Sensitivity analysis on the relationship between alcohol abuse or dependence and wages, Tim Jensen

Sensitivity analysis on the relationship between alcohol abuse or dependence and annual hours worked, Stefan Koerner

Endogeneity bias and two-stage least squares: a simulation study, Xujun Wang

Theses from 2005


Local compactness of the hyperspace of connected subsets, Robbie A. Beane

A sequential approach to supersaturated design, Angela Marie Jugan

Tests for gene-treatment interaction in microarray data analysis, Wanrong Yin

Theses from 2003


Pricing of European options, Dirk Rohmeder


Prediction intervals for the binomial distribution with dependent trials, Florian Sebastian Rueck

Theses from 2002


The use of a Marakov dependent Bernoulli process to model the relationship between employment status and drug use, Kathrin Koetting

Theses from 2000


Inverse limits on [0,1] using sequences of piecewise linear unimodal bonding maps, Brian Edward Raines

Theses from 1998

A two-stage step-stress accelerated life testing scheme, Phyllis E. Pound Singer

Theses from 1997

Some properties of hereditarily indecomposable chainable continua, Thomas John Kacvinsky

Theses from 1996

The Axiom of Choice, well-ordering property, Continuum Hypothesis, and other meta-mathematical considerations, Daniel Collins

Theses from 1994

Approximate distributional results for tolerance limits and confidence limits on reliability based on the maximum likelihood estimators for the logistic distribution, Teriann Collins

Theses from 1986

Investigating the output angular acceleration extrema of the planar four bar mechanism, Matthew H. Koebbe

Theses from 1984

Approximating distributions in order restricted inference : the simple tree ordering, Tuan Anh Tran

Theses from 1982

Goodness-of-fit for the Weibull distribution with unknown parameters and censored sampling., Michael Edward Aho

Theses from 1979

On L convergence of Fourier series., William O. Bray

Theses from 1977

Characterizations of inner product spaces., John Lee Roy Williams

Theses from 1975

A study of several substitution ciphers using mathematical models., Wanda Louise Garner

Theses from 1974


Models for molecular vibration, Allan Bruce Capps

The completions of local rings and their modules., Christopher Scott Taber


Linear geometry, Phyllis L. Thomas

Theses from 1971


Integrability of the sums of the trigonometric series 1/2 aₒ + ∞ [over] Σ [over] n=1 an cos nΘ and ∞ [over] Σ [over] n=1 an sin nΘ, John William Garrett


Inclusion theorems for boundary value problems for delay differential equations, Leon M. Hall

Theses from 1965


A study of certain conservative sets for parameters in the linear statistical model, Roger Alan Chapin


Comparison of methods to select a probability model, Howard Lyndal Colburn


Latent class analysis and information retrieval, George Loyd Jensen


Linear and quadratic programming with more than one objective function, William John Lodholz


Tschebyscheff fitting with polynomials and nonlinear functions, George F. Luffel

Theses from 1964


The effect of matrix condition in the solution of a system of linear algebraic equations., Herbert R. Alcorn

Estimation and tabulation of bias coefficients for regression analysis in incompletely specified linear models., Harry Kerry Edwards


A study of a method for selecting the best of two or more mathematical models, August J. Garver


A study of methods for estimating parameters in the model y(t) = A₁e-p₁t + A₂e-p₂t + ϵ, Gerald Nicholas Haas

A parameter perturbation procedure for obtaining a solution to systems of nonlinear equations., James Carlton Helm

A study of stability of numerical solution for parabolic partial differential equations., Tsang-Chi Huang

A numerical study of Van Der Pol's nonlinear differential equation for various values of the parameter E., Charles C. Limbaugh


A study on estimating parameters restricted by linear inequalities, William Lawrence May

Minimization of Boolean functions., Don Laroy Rogier


A method to give the best linear combination of order statistics to estimate the mean of any symmetric population, Robert M. Smith

On a numerical solution of Dirichlet type problems with singularity on the boundary., Randall Loran Yoakum

Theses from 1963


A study of methods for estimating parameters in rational polynomial models, Thomas B. Baird


Investigation of measures of ill-conditioning, Thomas D. Calton

A numerical approach to a Sturm-Liouville type problem with variable coefficients and its application to heat transfer and temperature prediction in the lower atmosphere., Troyce Don Jones


A study of methods for determining confidence intervals for the mean of a normal distribution with unknown varience by comparison of average lengths, Karl Richard Kneile

Stability properties of various predictor corrector methods for solving ordinary differential equations numerically., Charles Edward. Leslie

Mathematical techniques in the solution of boundary value problems., Vincent Paul Pusateri


A modified algorithm for Henrici's solution of y' ' = f (x,y), Frank Garnett Walters

Theses from 1962


An investigation of Lehmer's method for finding the roots of polynomial equations using the Royal-McBee LGP-30, James W. Joiner

Theses from 1931


The spinning top, Aaron Jefferson Miles