Semiparametric Estimation with Correlated Recurrent Event Data under Informative Monitoring


Consider a recurrent event data where frailty models are used to account for correlations among the inter-event times within each unit under study. In this talk we consider the problem of semiparametric estimation of the inter-event time distribution under informative monitoring and the Gamma frailty model. We propose a semiparametric estimator of the baseline survivor function. We show that the estimator under the i.i.d. setting is inconsistent in the presence of frailty. We present results of simulaiton study where we discuss the performence of our proposed estimator to that derived under the i.i.d. setting. Finally, these estimators will be demonstrated by applying to biomedical and engineering data sets.

Meeting Name

2008 Joint Statistical Meetings (2008: Aug. 3-7, Denver, CO)


Mathematics and Statistics

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Correlated Recurrent times; Frailty model; Informative Censoring; Koziol-Green Model

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Article - Conference proceedings

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07 Aug 2008

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