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"Cyanide zinc electrogalvanizing has been used for many years to produce high quality and uniform zinc coatings. Due to toxicity concerns, a significant amount of research has occurred to remove the use of cyanide while still producing a similar deposit. One of the resulting plating chemistries is the alkaline zincate bath.

Alkaline zincate plating has the advantages of low startup cost, low toxicity, and low corrosion rate. Despite these advantages, alkaline bath conditions do not produce acceptable zinc deposits without the use of plating additives, which can promote lustrous, smooth deposits. This research aims to: (1) generate fundamental electrochemical data in the presence of commercial additives (a carrier, a brightener, and a leveler), (2) correlate the fundamental data with deposit appearance and structure, and (3) optimize the concentration of carrier, booster, leveler at the current industrial operating parameters to result in a bright and smooth zinc deposit over the largest current density (CD) range"--Abstract, page iv.


Moats, Michael S.
O'Malley, Ronald J.

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Miller, F. Scott, 1956-


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Spring 2021

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  • Optimizing additive ratios in alkaline zincate electrodeposition
  • Effects of additives on morphology and nucleation overpotential in alkaline zincate electrodeposition


xii, 71 pages

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