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"Lost circulation materials (LCM's) have been widely used to avoid or stop losses. Due to a large number of current available LCM's and their different applications, classification of LCM's is very important. The most recent LCM classification was published around 50 years ago, and this paper intends to fill this gap with an updated classification including conventional and new technologies. Lost circulation materials and treatments are re-classified into various categories based on their appearance, applications, chemical and physical properties.

Wells in Basra's oil fields are highly susceptible to lost circulation problems when drilling through the Dammam, Hartha, and Shuaiba formations. This paper discusses the most recent treatments, which are used in Basra's fields with integrated analysis and updated classification. In addition, the best lost circulation strategy of remedies will be presented to mitigate or stop this problem.

Sometimes it is difficult to regulate mud losses by using conventional lost circulation materials. Also, the cost of these materials are expensive, so it is important to find techniques and mechanism to live with some degree of losses. This work will also demonstrate methods that were used to ameliorate lost circulation without the use of lost circulation materials like liner hanger and casing-while-drilling, floating mud cap drilling, aerated mud, foam, air or mist with cases histories in Basra's fields.

This paper discusses the most recent developments in lost circulation materials and treatments, in addition to the presentation of a comprehensive summary of today's available LCM's, treatments and alternative approaches with their applications"--Abstract, page iv.


Flori, Ralph E.

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Dunn-Norman, Shari
Hilgedick, Steven Austin


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Petroleum Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Fall 2017

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  • Updated classification of lost circulation treatments and materials with an integrated analysis
  • Statistical analysis and comprehensive review of conventional and state-of-art lost circulation treatments with practical guidelines for drilling in Basra's oil fields, Iraq
  • Cases histories in Basra's oil fields, Iraq: Evolving advanced techniques and strategies to stop or mitigate lost circulation


xiii, 144 pages

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Basrah, Iraq


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