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Aerosol printing; Ball milling; Photonic sintering; Transient electronics; Zinc nanoparticles


"Zinc is an essential 'trace element' that supports immune systems, and is required for DNA synthesis, cell division, and protein synthesis. Zinc nanoparticles (Zn NP) has antibacterial properties and potential to be used in biodegradable printed electronics devices. The research presented here is about the synthesis of Zn NP and their potential use in transient electronics devices. In Paper 1, a technique of room temperature synthesis of Zn NP is reported using ball milling. Controlled amount of PVP was mixed in the solvent to stabilize the Zn particles and minimize cold welding during milling. The size of the produced Zn NPs was found to be heavily dependent on the amount of PVP used in the solvent. The analyses reveals a crystal size of ~34.834 ± 1.76 nm and very low oxidation in the Zn NPs. The obtained Zn NPs were directly used to print bioresorbable patterns on Na-CMC and PVA substrates which forms conductive patterns upon subjecting to photonic sintering. In paper 2, a new method of manufacturing transient electronics devices is reported. An aerosol printer has been used to print patterns using Zn NPs based bioresorbable ink. Lower concentration of PVP used results in the formation of surface oxide, while higher concentration of PVP hinders the coalescence of Zn NPs. Conductivity of about 0.1% to that of bulk has been found when 0.1 wt % PVP is used. Analytical simulations has been accompanied with experimental verifications in the study of sintering mechanism of Zn NPs. XPS analysis indicates Zn NP surface protection by PVP. The ink was used to print patterns which can potentially be used as RFID tags, on a biodegradable Na-CMC substrate. The whole substrate dissolves in water"--Abstract, page iv.


Pan, Heng
Huang, Xian

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Tsai, Hai-Lung
Liou, Frank W.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Summer 2016

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  • Room temperature synthesis of nanocrystalline zinc by wet milling for printed bioresorbable electronics and biomedical applications
  • Photonic sintering of bioresorable zinc nanoparticle ink for transient electronics manufacturing


ix, 58 pages

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T 11497

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