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Sisi Chen

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Bioactive Borate Glass Fibers; Cu/Zn Doped Glass Fibers; Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor; Wound Healing


"Bioactive borate glass has been recognized to have both hard and soft tissue repair and regeneration capabilities through stimulating both osteogenesis and angiogenesis. However, the underlying physiological and cellular mechanism behind this function remains unclear. In this study, in vitro dynamic flow modules were designed to mimic the micro-environment near the vascular depletion and hyperplasia area in wound-healing regions, and were used to investigate the biocompatibility and functionality of borate glass nano-/micro-fibers. Glass-cell interactions were investigated either by dosing fibers to the upstream of or co-cultured with cells, and two types of borate glasses (with or without CuO/ZnO doped were compared with a silicate-based one. The results showed substantial dissolution of fibers in the cell medium, with both elemental ions (boron, sodium and potassium) releasing and calcium/phosphate deposition onto fiber residues reflected by SEM images and EDS analysis. Positive effects revealed by better mitochondrial activity were observed on cells treated with three types of fibers, and cells exposed to the borate copper/zinc containing 1605 fibers were found to have the most salutary influence. Meanwhile, the results demonstrated that 1605 can better stimulate VEGF secretion over the other two with dual-chamber configuration at 0.5 mL/h and with single-chamber configuration at 1.0 mL/h. These results may indicate a potentially significant mechanism of wound-healing with regard to angiogenesis enhancement"--Abstract, page iv.


Ma, Yinfa
Shi, Honglan

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Woelk, Klaus



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M.S. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Stimulated secretion of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) by bioactive borate glass nano-/micro- fibers under dynamic conditions


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