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"Part I. The trona is being injected to control SOx emission from coal-fired power plants. The results showed that trona ash leached significantly more As, Se, Mo, and V than the control fly ash did, especially under the natural pH condition. In addition, trona ash had a significantly greater soluble fraction than the control ash. Further investigation indicated that greater amounts of the studied anionic elements in the trona ash were associated with the soluble, trona reaction products. Moreover, the insoluble fraction of the trona ash lost its capability to adsorb these elements under the natural pH condition. The competition from other major anions in the trona ash leachate might also have contributed to the reduced adsorption of the trace anionic elements under other pH conditions.

Part II. Untreated rice hull showed very good removal of Pb, Ag, Cd and Cu, but the removal efficiencies for the other elements was relatively low. Sodium hydroxide treatment significantly improved the removal efficiency for all metal elements tested. The pH affected the removal significantly. It is believed that the electrostatic attraction between negatively charged rice hull and positively charged metal elements is the principal removal mechanism, though the other factors may also play some roles. Adsorption kinetics was found very fast. For the fast kinetics metal ions, removal efficiency in column format was higher than that in batch format. However, for others, removal efficiency in column format was lower than that in batch format because of short contact time between rice hull and metal ions. Rice hull was successfully employed for metal elements removal in surface water sample. Due to the other content in the real water sample, the removal efficiency was lower than that in reagent water matrix"--Abstract, page iv.


Shi, Honglan

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Wang, Jianmin
Nam, Paul Ki-souk



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M.S. in Chemistry


Missouri University of Science and Technology

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  • Increased leaching of As, Se, Mo, and V from high calcium coal ash containing trona reaction products
  • Using agricultural byproduct rice hull as biosorbent to remove and recover metal ions in water


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Coal ash -- Environmental aspects -- Analysis
Heavy metals -- Environmental aspects
Rice hulls -- Research

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T 10933

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