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"The object of this investigation is to provide a simple means of determining the heat transfer from a flat plate which has an unheated leading length x₀. The case of steady, two-dimensional, laminar flow of an incompressible fluid with a Prandtl number of less than one is considered. Since there exists an unheated length and the Prandtl number of the fluid is less than one, the thermal boundary layer intersects the flow boundary layer. Thus, the solution of the problem divides into two regions. In this study, the problem is solved analytically by employing the energy integral equation. The temperature profile and velocity profile of the fluid are expressed using both linear and cubic polynomials. When the thermal boundary layer is outside the hydrodynamic boundary layer, the integration is performed in two operations. The result obtained from the energy integral equation by substituting both the temperature and velocity profiles is a first order, non-linear differential equation. The solution of this differential equation for the cubic profile case is rather complicated and tedious. However, curves are provided which give the appropriate parameters of the final results. The local and average convective coefficients can then be deduced based on the solution of this differential equation. The results from this investigation are compared with those of other investigators for several special cases. An excellent agreement is obtained between the two sets of results. It is found that significant errors may occur if previous solutions for special cases are employed for the general situation"--Abstract, page ii.


McNary, Ross O.

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Chen, T. S.
Pagano, Sylvester J., 1924-2006


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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ix, 52 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 35-37).


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Heat exchangers -- Thermodynamics
Heat -- Transmission -- Mathematical models
Heat exchangers -- Fluid dynamics
Laminar flow -- Mathematical models

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T 2551

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