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"This thesis has been divided into two parts, namely, "Imperfections in the Ag-In System (Alpha-Phase)" and "Lattice Parameters of Cadmium Oxide." Imperfections in the Ag-In System (Alpha-Phase): It can be shown -- as in the case of the Cu-In α solid solutions -- that during quenching from the liquid state, strains are produced by the quenching process and, in addition, vacancies are quenched-in, in the Ag-In α-solid solutions. The number of vacancies present, measured by the decreased density of the alloys, is proportional to the indium content up to the solid-solubility limit. Upon heat treatment of the alloys, the thermal stresses are annihilated and additional vacancies are formed instead. These cluster together by migration to form voids. Application of pressure can close these voids and the alloy regains very nearly its calculated density. Calculations of vacancy concentrations by two independent methods show fair agreement. Lattice Parameters of Cadmium Oxide: It has been verified that cadmium oxide dissociates at high temperatures and that the dissociated cadmium forms solid solutions with the excess oxide. Reversal of the process can be achieved to a certain extent. It can be shown that the thermal expansion coefficient of CdO is nearly constant in the range 100-700ºC and that it nearly reduces to zero at about -230ºC.While no distinct relation could be found between the color and the lattice parameters of CdO, it can be shown that CdO consists essentially of translucent reddish particles which also appear grey if they are in the form of large grains"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Straumanis, Martin E., 1898-1973

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Leighly, Hollis P., 1923-2004
Sorrell, Charles A.


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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x, 98 pages


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Cadmium compounds -- Effect of high temperatures on
Indium compounds
Silver alloys
Crystal lattices
Structural analysis (Engineering)

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T 2493

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