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"The effect of axial mixing in the liquid phase on the performance of a gas absorption column was studied using the experimental data of Michael Brittan for the carbon dioxide and water system. In this study, piston flow conditions were assumed for the gas phase. A one-parameter mathematical model, which characterized the flow regimes in both the gas and the liquid phases undergoing plug flow conditions, was first curve fitted for its unknown parameter (i.e. the Number of Transfer Units) by a non-linear regression analysis procedure. The "AAPD" (i.e. the Average Absolute Percentage Deviation between the predicted value of the gas phase concentration and the experimental data) was also computed for each set of data. An attempt was made to curve-fit a two-parameter mathematical model, which assumed plug flow in the gas phase but axial mixing in the water phase, by a similar non-linear regression analysis procedure. However, in the iterative technique used, the values of the unknown parameters (i.e. , the water phase axial mixing parameter and the number of transfer units) failed to converge. As an alternate to this procedure a graphical method was used to study the effect of the axial mixing parameter on the value of the "AAPD". The results obtained from the analysis of the two mathematical models were examined. A comparison showed that the "AAPD" computed for both the models were very close; hence, it was concluded that the effect of axial mixing in the water phase, for the nitrogen carbon dioxide-water system based on the data obtained by Brittan and Woodburn⁽²⁾ has little influence on the gas-absorption column--Abstract, Pages iv-v.


Wellek, Robert M.

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Park, Efton
McNay, Orlo


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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xi, 98 Pages

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Includes bibliographical references (page 33).


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Gases -- Absorption and adsorption -- Mathematical models
Axial flow
Deviation (Mathematics)

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T 2319

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