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"ln the quest for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, princi­pally off the coasts of Texas and Louisiana, unique types of drilling rigs able to cope with environmental conditions have been developed in the last several years. This development is highly specialized and has led to methods of operation revolutionary to the oil industry and is without precedent….

In designing a drilling platform there are three cardinal aims (1) low cost installation and operation, (2) ease of operation, (3) providing safe working condi­tions.

The initial problem is to extend the shore-based fabrication and reduce the offshore construction, foul weather delays, and the high cost of offshore work so that marine insurance can be greatly reduced. Consider­ation must be given to ultimate removal and adaptability or availability for another job and the re-use of sal­vaged material.

Following the current trend of offshore drilling, the design of a fixed drilling platform to be used in conjunction with a converted YF navy barge is the objec­tive of this dissertation. It is not the purpose of this thesis to draw up a complete set of plans and specifica­tions for a drilling platform, since such an undertaking would require a great deal of time and expense; but only to work out the more important considerations.

Refinements in construction and in methods of instal­lation have been introduced. It is felt that by using a new type "RST" structural beam, and a unique method of jetting piles the goals of designing as set forth pre­viously are more readily achieved. Considerable explan­ation of these features will be found in the discussion.

It will be assumed that a drilling platform is to be built under the following conditions- (1) used in con­junction with a converted YF navy barge, (2) located off the Texas-Louisiana coast in 40 feet of water (mean sea level) and (3) equipped with a semi-electric drilling rig"--Introduction, pages 1, 5, 7.


Davis, C. Malcolm


Geosciences and Geological and Petroleum Engineering

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M.S. in Petroleum Engineering


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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Drilling platforms -- Design and construction
Oil well drilling rigs -- Mexico, Gulf of -- Design and construction

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