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"As early as the mid 1800’s investigations were performed on the gas passage through rubber, but it is only comparatively recently that plastic polymeric materials have come into prominence. One interesting aspect of much experimentation begun was that of permeability, and it was soon evident that, in general, polymeric materials have extremely low permeability of gases. This is, in essence, the basis for use of plastics as packaging materials, balloons, and in many other designs and fabrications where it is desirous and/or necessary to exclude air.

There are several variables which must be taken into consideration in the evaluation of the permeability of any material. These include temperature, pressure, and film thickness, and their effect can be determined only by rigid experimental control.

Some specific difficulties encountered and facts to be considered in the oxygen penetration of polymeric films included: (1) finding a reliable and accurate method for the determination of small amounts of oxygen, (2) obtaining a continuous method whereby amounts of oxygen penetrating the membranes could be detected periodically throughout each of the entire experimental tests, (3) design of the equipment for the analysis, (4) measurement of the thickness of the films, (5) controlling the pressure of the oxygen on the film for result comparison and deletion of errors, (6) elimination from the equipment all oxygen except that permeating the films so gross errors would not be introduced in the measurements, (7) obtaining a suitable method for producing "free films", and (8) procuring films free of cracks, pinholes, and other faults.

The purpose of this experimentation can he considered two-fold: (1) to determine if any differences exist in the permeation of oxygen through the various polymeric films and (2) if such a difference were noted, to attempt to explain why"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Bosch, Wouter

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Clark, George Bromley, 1912-
Webb, William H.
Rivers, Jack L.



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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Protective coatings -- Testing
Permeability -- Mathematical models
Colorimetric analysis

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