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"An investigation is performed of the mutually dependent heat and mass transfer in laminar and hydrodynamically fully developed gas flow in a tube. Sublimation of mass occurs at the tube wall so that heat and mass transfer take place between the wall and the flowing gas stream. The wall of the tube is thermally insulated from the external environment with the result that the heat of sublimation is supplied by convective transport from the gas. The solution of this problem requires the simultaneous consideration of the energy and diffusion equations, with coupling provided by the boundary conditions. Mathematical expressions are derived and numerical results are presented for various quantities of interest including the bulk temperature and bulk mass fraction, the wall temperature and wall mass fraction, the wall heat and mass transfer rates, and the local Nusselt number for nine different cases. Representative temperature and mass fraction profiles are presented. The lengths of the development region are also tabulated. Comparisons are made of the present results based on a parabolic velocity profile with those based on a slug flow velocity profile. A subsidiary analysis using the Leveque model is also performed and the results compared with those of the principal solution"--Abstract, page ii.


Chen, T. S.

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Rhea, L. G.
Erkiletian, Dickran Hagop, Jr.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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vii, 115 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 63-64).


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Heat -- Transmission
Mass transfer
Laminar flow -- Computer simulation
Tubes -- Fluid dynamics -- Mathematical models

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T 2521

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