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"The purpose of this investigation was to study the removal of phosphorus from waste water by sorption on activated alumina, and determine the capacity of the alumina to sorb phosphates in the presence of other ions, the effect of the influent flow rate and phosphorus concentration on the efficiency of the process, and the feasibility of regeneration of the used alumina. The studies were conducted using deionized and tap water to which inorganic phosphate had been added, and secondary effluent from bench-scale activated sludge units. They involved batch tests employing three types of activated alumina, ALCOA XM (minus 325 mesh), F-1 (minus 100 mesh), and F-1 (28-48 mesh), and continuous-flow tests carried out in three specially designed glass sorption columns using the F-1 (28-48) alumina. Major parameters employed included the influent and effluent phosphorus concentration, pH, alkalinity, and total and calcium hardness. Activated alumina was found to have a greater capacity for removing phosphorus in the presence of hardness-causing ions, and each type of alumina had a different capacity for each test water used. The sorptive capacity in tap water and secondary effluent of the XM (minus 325), F-1 (28-48), and F-1 (minus 100) was respectively 3, 2 to 2.7, and 1.5 times greater than it was in deionized water. The fraction of phosphorus removed by each alumina decreased when the initial phosphorus concentration in the test water increased; however, the amount of phosphorus removed on a unit weight basis was greater. The influent flow rate inversely affected the phosphorus loading capacity of the alumina, and the used aluminas could be effectively regenerated with a 2M sodium hydroxide solution alone"--Abstract, page ii.


TerKonda, Purush

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Grigoropoulos, Sotirios G.
Hanna, Samir B.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


United States. Office of Water Resources Research


University of Missouri--Rolla

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viii, 80 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 62-67).


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Sewage -- Purification -- Phosphate removal
Sewage -- Purification -- Activated sludge process
Drinking water -- Purification
Aluminum oxide

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T 2504

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