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"This investigation proposes a simplified concept for the rapid field design of protective structures, subject to attack by conventional artillery rounds, mortar rounds and small rockets. Parameters which should be considered during a rigorous design process are discussed. The number and complexity of these parameters make the rigorous design procedure too unwieldy to be efficiently used, in a limited time period, when materials are not available to comply with Standard Designs. Since the duration of an explosion pulse is very short and uncompacted soil is capable of absorbing explosive energy, this study investigates the theory that adequate protection can be provided by structures designed by considering only four easily understood and readily determined parameters. These include the radius of destruction of the explosive projectile; the unit weight of the soil to be used in overhead cover; the size of the structure; and the spacing of structural members commensurate with the grade, species and dimensions of available timber. Tests were conducted using both small-scale and full-scale structures. In each case, the radius of destruction of the explosive charge was measured in the soil used for overhead cover and determined analytically using empirical relationships. The structures were designed to support a depth of earth cover slightly exceeding the larger radius of destruction. Size and spacing of the structural members were determined by considering the grade and species of lumber used for construction, the unsupported span of the structural member, dimensions and section properties of the timber, and the uniformly distributed load applied to the structure by the soil cover. The results generally support the design concept and warrant further study under actual firing conditions. Conclusions include the following: 1. Consideration of the rigorous parameters involved in dynamic load determination may be replaced by relatively simple field observations and design aids. 2. Because of the nature of the load pulse, for projectiles assumed in this study, the simple and easily understood parameters of required soil cover, the dead load caused by this cover, and the physical and mechanical properties of construction materials are sufficient for the design of protective structures subject to attack by these projectiles"--Abstract, pages ii-iii.


Emanuel, Jack H., 1921-1996

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Andrews, William A., 1922-2009
Davidson, Robert F., 1911-1971


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


University of Missouri--Rolla

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xi, 76 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 47-48).


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Buildings -- Protection -- Design
Structural analysis (Engineering) -- Computer programs
Structural optimization
Structural engineering -- Computer programs
Fortification, Field

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T 2441

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