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"The nucleate boiling curves of three corresponding states liquids (nitrogen, argon, and carbon monoxide) were analyzed. Each liquid was studied at pressures ranging from atmospheric pressure to near the critical pressure. Saturated liquid boiling was conducted from cylindrical heaters in the horizontal position having diameters of 0.75 inches and lengths of three inches. Liquid nitrogen was boiled from four different gold heat transfer surfaces; argon and carbon monoxide were boiled from the same gold surface. The critical heat flux correlation of Cobb and Park was further verified by agreement with the experimental critical heat flux ratios obtained in this investigation. It was demonstrated that the critical heat flux is a function of the heat transfer surface; and that this dependence on surface conditions should be provided for in maximum heat flux correlations. Nucleate boiling curves obtained for liquid nitrogen illustrated that a change in boiling heat transfer surface affects both the slope and shape of nucleate boiling curves. The nucleate boiling of carbon monoxide was observed to show partial film boiling along with low critical heat fluxes. Measured over a wide range of reduced pressures, the liquid argon critical heat fluxes were approximately 24 percent higher than liquid nitrogen critical heat fluxes for a given surface. When compared to the critical heat fluxes of liquid carbon monoxide, the critical heat fluxes of liquid argon and liquid nitrogen averaged 176 and 130 percent larger in magnitude respectively"--Abstract, page ii.


Park, Efton

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Flanigan, V. J.
Rhea, L. G.


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


American Chemical Society
National Science Foundation (U.S.)
Petroleum Research Fund


University of Missouri--Rolla

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Carbon monoxide
Heat -- Transmission
Heat flux
Liquid argon
Liquid nitrogen
Nucleate boiling

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T 2199

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