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"The problem then, resolves itself into a study of the behavior of thin-walled and moderately thick-walled cylinders under the effects of an external fluid pressure acting alone, or the effects of an external fluid pressure acting simultaneously with an axial loading. In this thesis a theoretical or analytical approach will be used. Some application and reference will be made to oil-well casings in particular, but the solutions will not be restricted to oil-well casing alone. it must be recognized that the tubing problem involves the problem of unstability before the proportional limit of the metal is exceeded and a similar problem after the proportional limit is exceeded. this breaks down the investigation into four main divisions. The first is a discussion of the effect of external fluid pressure acting alone on tubes that fail by becoming unstable before the proportional limit of the metal is reached. The second part is similar to the first but involves the effects produced by an axial load acting in conjunction with the external pressure. These two cases complete the study of failure due to unstability at stresses below the elastic limit or within what is called the elastic range. The next two parts of the thesis are concerned with the effects of the types of loadings mentioned before, that is, external pressure alone or with external pressure and axial loading combined, but in a stress range above the proportional limit of the metal. This range, which is for moderately thick tubes, is known as the plastic range. The limits of this range are the proportional limit and the yield point of the tubing or casing material"--Introduction, page 2-3.


Miles, Aaron J.


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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iv, 45 pages

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Elastic analysis (Engineering)
Pressure -- Mathematical models
Tubes -- Reliability

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