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"The binary alloys of Co-Cr have had a few practical applications in our modern economy due to their high cost. The only extensive field of application has been developed in recent years in the manufacture of high temperature alloys for such equipment as gas turbines, jet engines, and turbo-superchargers. The use of these materials has been limited, due to their high cost, to small parts such as rotor blades in gas turbines. To reduce cost and to add desirable or eliminate undesirable properties, the binary alloys have, from the beginning, been modified with varying amounts of other metals. The modified alloys still retain the basic composition that is in the proportion of 60Co-40Cr as shown by Table I. It has not been possible, until recently, to produce a true binary alloy of cobalt and chromium due to the fact that the impurities, particularly iron, totaled two or three per cent. Recently, however, very pure metals have been produced commercially. Possibly because of this lack of pure metals and the undesirable economics involved, the only work undertaken to determine the basic physical properties of this alloy was done by Dr. R. Walther and R. S. Dean. The alloys in this investigation were produced from the highest purity metal obtainable to insure the investigation of a true binary. The emphasis in this work was placed upon results that would be of some practical value"--Introduction, page 1-2.


Schlechten, Albert Wilbur


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Binary systems (Metallurgy)
Chromium alloys
Cobalt alloys

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