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"The problem of this thesis is to determine the optimum density of packing of the charge to a zinc retort under exact industrial conditions of temperatures and materials as it affects the production of zinc metal. It is well known that the quantity of zinc produced per cycle is benefited by increasing the density of charging, but increased density of packing or charging is limited by the diffusion, through the charge of the gases necessary to carry on the reduction reactions. In commercial practice there is also a secondary limitation dependent primarily upon the rate at which the heat can be transferred to the charge. The method of attack of this problem was to use an electric furnace, specially designed by Dr. H. R. Hanley, in which the temperature can be easily controlled. A series of "runs" was made in which the density of charging was progressively increased. Production results were determined by the quantitative analysis of samples taken before, during, and after each run. All other possible variables that affect the density of packing, such as the proportion of reduction material mixed with the sinter, were kept constant and in accordance with actual practice. In an attempt to determine the rate at which the heat is transferred to and through the charge, a retort temperature gradient was obtained by thermocouple measurements made at specific positions in the charge. An attempt was made to determine the approximate rate of zinc extraction for all densities of charging. Partial "runs" were made to determine the rate of decrease of the charge weights during distillation. With this data, and the zinc percentages of the samples taken during the runs; extraction rates were calculated"--Introduction, page 1-2.


Schlechten, Albert Wilbur


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Electric furnaces
Extractive distillation
Zinc -- Metallurgy

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