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"Many studies and analyses of shell structures to date have been either so complex and laborious as to preclude their application in practical design problems or so approximate, because of basic assumptions, as to limit their scope of application. Hence, a method of shell analysis which is convenient to use, reasonable in its results and general in its application is really needed. It is the purpose of this study to supply such a method of analysis.

In this investigation it is proposed to replace the shell structure which has an infinite number of degrees of indeterminancy with an analogous framework which has a finite number of degrees of indeterminancy. The distributed load on the shell is transformed into equivalent concentrated forces acting on the joints of the framework. By using statically indeterminate structural analysis the forces and moments in the members of the framework and the displacements of the joints of the framework can be found. This requires the solution of simultaneous, linear, algebraic equations. From the solution using the analogous framework one can obtain an approximate solution to the original shell problem. The displacements of the original shell are approximately equal to the displacements of the analogous framework at corresponding points, and the approximate values of the direct stresses and moments in the original shell may be found from the forces and moments in the bars of the analogous framework. If the framework is well chosen, the behavior of the framework under load must approximate the behavior of the shell, and the results of this analysis can be considered reasonable"--Introduction, pages 4-5.


Senne, Joseph H.

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Hansen, Peter G., 1927-2010
Johnson, Charles A.
Best, John, 1925-2015


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


University of Missouri at Rolla

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x, 87 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 85-86).


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Shells (Engineering)
Structural analysis (Engineering)
Equations, Simultaneous -- Numerical solutions

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