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"Corrosion has been one of the costly problems to industry because each year losses due to corrosion are in excess of six billion dollars. Corrosion is caused by the tendency of all metals to become oxidized and return to their natural state. Oxidation may be suppressed by restraining the flow of electrons from the system, thereby inhibiting corrosion.

One effective means to prevent rusting is by applying a barrier of paint between the system and the corrosive atmosphere. Not all paints, however, are equally effective as corrosion inhibitors. At present, the only effective means of determining the corrosion resistant ability of a coating is to paint a test panel, of the metal to be protected, and expose it to the corrosive forces of nature. This is not only costly but time consuming. It would be desirable, therefore, to have a rapid means whereby a coating could be tested effectively for its ability to reduce rusting.

Since corrosion involves the flow of electrons, and since electricity also involves the flow of electrons, the dielectric strength, which is a qualitative measure of the resistance to flow of electrons, may be a useful means to determine the effectiveness of an anti-corrosive paint.

The purpose of this investigation was to determine whether different anti-corrosive coatings showed varying dielectric strength values"--Introduction, page 1.


Bosch, Wouter

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Tappmeyer, Wilbur P.
Lee, Ralph E., 1921-2010



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“The subject of dielectric strengths of paint films was studied by John Gustafson described in his thesis, “Dielectric Strength of Some Anti-Corrosive Paint Films” The reader is referred to this thesis, which is available at the Missouri School of Mines Library, for a literature review of previous work in related fields.” -- Preface, page ii.

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Corrosion and anti-corrosives -- Testing
Coatings -- Testing
Dielectric devices

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