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"The purpose of this investigation was to study the ability of water treatment processes, especially coagulation and chlorination, to remove trace organic materials from raw river water. Trace organic concentrations were determined using the Organics-Carbon Adsorbable (O-CA) technique, a miniaturized Carbon Adsorption Method (CAM).

Missouri River raw and treated water, obtained on 3 different dates at the Jefferson City, MO, water treatment plant, was used. The effect of various treatment steps, including settling, softening with lime, coagulating with copperas or alum over a range of doses, and chlorinating at the dose necessary to give a free residual of 2 mg/1 was evaluated. The concentrations of Carbon Chloroform Extract (CCE) and Carbon Alcohol Extract (CAE) in the laboratory-treated water, as well as in the river and plant-filtered water, were determined.

Water treatment was found to be relatively ineffective, and the concentration of trace organics in the filtered water was generally higher than the corresponding values in the raw river water, however, this might have been due to the interference of turbidity with the O-CA method. Turbidity-causing particles reduced the recovery efficiency of the method by blocking adsorption sites on the activated carbon, and this effect was more prevalent in the raw water"--Abstract, page ii.


Grigoropoulos, Sotirios G.

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TerKonda, Purush
Siehr, Donald J.


Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

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M.S. in Civil Engineering


United States. Environmental Protection Agency. Office of Water Programs


This investigation was supported in part by Professional Training Grant No. WP-278-01 and T-900121 from the Office of Water Programs, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


University of Missouri--Rolla

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vii, 78 pages

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Includes bibliographical references (pages 74-77).

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Missouri River
Jefferson City (Mo.)


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Water -- Purification -- Organic compounds removal -- Missouri River
Water -- Purification -- Chlorination
Water -- Purification -- Coagulation

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T 2936

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