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"Interest in the mechanism of the austenite eutectoid transformation in iron-carbon alloys, especially as produced by the isothermal sub-critical techniques introduced by Davenport and Bain, has resulted in the application of similar heat treatment studies to the eutectoid transformations in other alloy systems. The study of the eutectoid transformation is of both fundamental and industrial interest because past experience has shown that these studies yielded much information concerning the nature and mechanism of the changes in eutectoid alloys during the decomposition of the phase stable at high temperatures and has also contributed much toward the development of new properties to be attained by heat treatment methods never before attempted.

The desire of the author to know more about the exact nature of eutectoid transformations, in general, and to study, in particular, the transformation in a system which had heretofore been only partially investigated has led to choice of this research topic. Therefore, the object of this investigation is to attempt to determine the rate of transformation of the aluminum - zinc eutectoid alloy (79.0% zinc) at several subcritical temperatures.

A number of more or less reliable methods have been used for the study of the rate of transformation of austenite at subcritical temperatures. The author began this research with the intention of utilizing the technique of Davenport and Bain in which the progress of transformation is followed by metallographic examination. However, the method was discarded as impractical because of the nature of the transformation.

In this particular eutectoid alloy, the decomposition of the solid solution which is stable at high temperatures is manifested by the evolution of heat. The author has attempted to establish the onset and completion of transformation by measurement of this heat evolution against time and, from this data, to construct a Time-Temperature-Transformation curve for the alloy"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Eppelsheimer, Daniel S., 1909-1988


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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vii, 94 pages

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Aluminum-zinc alloys -- Metallurgy
Eutectic alloys
Chemical kinetics -- Effect of temperature on

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