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"The application of high vacuum for the promotion of metallurgical reactions is a comparatively new development. During the war the need for high vacuum in producing magnesium by the Pidgeon Process and in certain phases of uranium purification led to the perfection of both equipment and technique for high vacuum operations. These developments helped open the way for the entirely new field of vacuum metallurgy.

The reduction of metal oxides in vacuum has been studied by Dr. Kroll and Dr. Schlechten. They have been able to reduce many metals from their oxides under reduced pressures using carbon as a reducing agent. Dr. Hsiao has studied the volatility and reduction of many metal sulfides. After an extensive study of various pure metal sulfides available, Hsiao pointed out that sulfides of elements in the R families of the periodic system show a tendency of decreasing volatility with increasing atomic weight, while sulfides of elements in A families have an opposite tendency. However, sulfides of the rarer metals such as titanium, zirconium, etc. which are not available on the market were not studied in the laboratory and further work is needed to confirm the prediction. The present investigation was undertaken to study the volatility and reduction of titanium disulfide to supplement Hsiao's studies.

Titanium forms a series of sulfides. The disulfide was taken because in this sulfide titanium shows its group characteristic valence of +4 and is therefore a typical sulfide of the group. Since this sulfide is not available on the market, the first step of the work was to prepare it in the laboratory. Next its volatility was studied by the Langmuir's method, and finally an attempt was made to desulfurize it with certain metals that form stable sulfides"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Schlechten, A. W.


Materials Science and Engineering

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M.S. in Metallurgical Engineering


Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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Titanium alloys -- Desulfurization
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Vacuum metallurgy

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