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"It has been found that many substances in an extremely pure form or containing certain trace impurities exhibit many unique physical and chemical properties. Investigators studying these properties have encountered many difficulties, especially in preparing the extremely pure substance and/or in accurately determining the quantity of impurities present. These problems arise chiefly from the very similar chemical properties of the constituents being separated and the possibility of contamination during the necessary processing of the substance for purification or analysis.

Trace analysis, therefore, has become very important in recent years. Where previously analyses based upon parts per hundred were adequate, now the analyst is being required to determine parts per million and in some cases parts per billion of minor constituents. These analyses have been made possible only by the development of specific methods, which either extend the reliable lower limits of standard analytical procedures or apply new principles or reagents.

The United States Bureau of Mines has recently been interested in the production of extremely high purity nickel. They found the standard analytical procedures for the quantitative determination of residual cobalt, necessary to establish the purity of nickel produced, inadequate. The results obtained for a given sample by application or different methods of analysis and by different analysts, both staff and independent, varied widely. Because of this, it was decided to initiate an investigation on the analysis of trace amounts of cobalt in high purity nickel, which would give reproducible results.

The purpose of this investigation was to develop a method employing ion exchange techniques for the quantitative separation and concentration of residual amounts of cobalt contained in high purity nickel; so standard analytical procedures could be reliably applied for the quantitative determination of cobalt"--Introduction, pages 1-2.


Lay, Ormond Kennedy

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Webb, William H.
Remington, Charles R., 1924-2013
Lee, Ralph E., 1921-2010
Strunk, Mailand R., 1919-2008


Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

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M.S. in Chemical Engineering


United States. Bureau of Mines


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Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy

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vii, 115 pages

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Cobalt -- Analysis
Nickel -- Analysis
Trace elements -- Analysis
Extraction (Chemistry)

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